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Electrical Overhead Corporation in Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - Electrical Transmission Line Goods

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Address Registered Office :
1885, Pada Pole, Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad - 380001.

Person Person : Mr. Jayant Vyas
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Fax Fax : 079 22139725
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Categories Category : Electrical Transmission Line Goods
Working Working : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat - 11 AM to 8 PM

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About Electrical Overhead Corporation
Electrical Overhead Corporation (An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company) is active as Manufacturer, Exporter and Engineers of High Tension Switchgears & Electrical Overhead Line Material since 43 years  in the Gandhi Road region in Ahmadabad. Our working specialties lie in varied horizons such as AB Switch, Electrical Isolator, GOAB Switch, Air Break Switch, Disconnecting Switch, Drop Out Fuse, DO Fuse, Horn Gap Fuse, Discharging Rod, Operating Rod, Earthing Electrode, Earthing Material, High Tension Switchgears, Overhead Line Materials, Porcelain Insulators, HG Fuse, Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode, Substation Equipments, ACSR Conductor, AAAC Conductor, Polymer Insulator, Silicon Insulator, Transmission Insulators, Aluminium Clamp & Connector, Shock Proof Equipments, Fire Safety Equipments, Aluminium Ladder, Load Break Switch, Switchgears Dealer, Street Light Pole, Transformer, CT & PT Metering Set, etc. Electrical Overhead Corporation has successfully received awards from 7 national as well as 3 international most reputed platforms such as International Status Award for intellectual People, International Economic Gold Star Award, International Gold Star Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Vijay Rattan Gold Medal, Leaders of Tomorrow Award 2013, Global Achievers Leadership Award, Golden Citizen of India Award, Rashtriya Vibhushan Samman Puraskar and Mother Teresa Sadbhavana Award, for providing best quality and management to their customers. With these all qualities and other rudiments, we had supposed to stand at the top position in the market since many years.

We work rigorously as one of the leading Electrical Equipments Manufacturer and exporter in the town. With the intention to provide you the best quality work with lots of great effort added to our work folio that speaks a lot about our working process as well as our working pattern in detail. You can surely trust us for any type of work related issues that we always try our level best to serve you to the fullest. So that once you leave our shop, along with the product you take lots of love and concern from our side. You will receive that type of service from our side that, you will be forced to visit our place again and again. And last but not least, once you come to our place you will get a full customer support desk, who are very cautious in guiding you for each and every work process that we are undergoing under the roof of Electrical Overhead Corporation. We are always obliged to serve during you with best service offered by us.


Products/Services We Offer

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